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Melvin A. Felton, Jr.

Physicist, Writer, Musician

Author of Universe Within: The Surprising Way the Human Brain Models the Universe

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Universe Within makes the case that the human brain is a physical model of the universe because of structural and dynamical similarities shared between the two systems based on the pictures emerging out of neuroscience and physics, respectively. The relationship between the human brain and the universe revealed by Melvin A. Felton, Jr. might be the missing principle that leads to the theory-of-everything.

What people are saying about
Universe Within

"Melvin's essential point – namely, the structural and dynamical similarities between the brain and the universe at large, which he accounts for by arguing that the brain physically models the universe in its own image – is one that deserves very serious consideration from the academic community and readers interested in a deeper, truer understanding of the nature of what we call reality. This book is a necessary step in the direction of exploring this crucial realization, whose implications are simultaneously vast and profound."


Bernardo Kastrup, author of Decoding Jung's Metaphysics

"Mr. Felton takes us on a heady, if sometimes dizzying, tour through the wondrous and fantastical landscapes of humankind's outer and inner worlds. The Universe Within covers enormous empirical, conceptual, and theoretical grounds; from fundamental forces and particles to neural networks in the brain and, ultimately, to profound questions of our religion and philosophy. From cover to cover, it is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read."

Dr. Kelvin S. Oie, Cognitive Neuroscientist

"An imaginative and enjoyable expose covering a broad range of science. Books such as this one are often just the ticket to encourage new thought and scholarship along one of the garden paths that advance our

understanding of our place in the Universe."

Dr. Calvin W. Lowe, Professor of Physics and Director of Interdisciplinary STEM Center at Hampton University, Hampton, VA


About Melvin A. Felton, Jr.

Melvin Felton attended two of the top historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in America, Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA (B.S. Mathematics, 2000), and Hampton University in Hampton, VA (M.S. Physics, 2003).  From 2003 to present, Melvin has been employed as a physicist at a US national science laboratory.


Much of his professional research has concerned remote sensing of the lower atmosphere.  However, he has also conducted research in the fields of cybernetics and computational neuroscience.  Melvin has presented his research at international conferences and has published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.  When not pondering the nature of reality, he spends his time producing hip hop instrumentals, which you can enjoy hereUniverse Within is Melvin's first book.

Melvin lives in the Washington, DC metro with his wife Jamila, an artist-educator, their sons Malcolm and Jahlil, and their dog Theory.

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