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The Beats

Stimulated Emission laser art

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the debut EP from PolyMAF.

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About the Beats

A crucial ingredient to my research sessions are instrumental hip hop and electronic music. These are essentially just beats minus any prominent lyrics performed by rappers or singers. For me, the lack of lyrics eliminates distraction, enabling the beats to be played in the background while I focus on the subject of study.


These beats can add an emotional boost to the experience of contemplative study, summating with the exhilarating feelings of insight that are sometimes already associated with the process. This emotional boost has become so important to me that I felt it should be provided to the readers of this book.


A decade ago, I embarked on a parallel effort to learn how to make beats while still researching and writing Universe Within, giving the two endeavors the same level of intense effort. In the end, I have produced a collection of beats that sufficiently complements the book, making for a final product that can provide a unique experience to all who are interested enough to invest the time necessary to unlock all of its potential.

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