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About Melvin A. Felton, Jr.

Melvin Felton is a physicist who conducts research

in diverse fields that include remote sensing of the lower atmosphere,

cybernetics, and computational neuroscience.

Universe Within is his first book.

MAFelton- picture (1).jpg

Melvin Felton attended two of the top historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in America, Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA (B.S. Mathematics, 2000), and Hampton University in Hampton, VA (M.S. Physics, 2003).  From 2003 to present, Melvin has been employed as a physicist at a US national science laboratory.


Much of his professional research has concerned remote sensing of the lower atmosphere.  However, he has also conducted research in the fields of cybernetics and computational neuroscience.  Melvin has presented his research at international conferences and has published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.  When not pondering the nature of reality, he spends his time producing hip hop instrumentals, which you can enjoy hereUniverse Within is Melvin's first book.

Melvin's wife Jamila Zahra Felton, an artist-educator, has always understood what he is about and speaks directly to it. His sons Malcolm Rah-mel and Jahlil Ahsan are nothing short of an inspiration and can be found by his side riding hard.

Melvin lives in the Washington, DC metro.

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